> Pourquoi l'IMA ?

Pourquoi l'IMA ?

L'Institut du monde arabe est beau, mais pourquoi l'a-t-on créé ? Si vous le comprenez, vous allez savoir expliquer des choix et des projets.
This workshop is based on the webdoc
  • 1.Video clip

    Watch the clip from the webdoc. Play it as many times as you like to get a really good grasp of the situation.

  • 2.Exercises

    Have you understood everything? Then test what you know about the clip by doing the exercises.

  • 3.Memos

    Simple explanations and examples from the webdoc to understand culture, vocabulary, grammar or phonetics.

  • 4.Games

    Practise by playing around with the words, situations and subjects broached in the memos.

  • 5.Challenge

    Test what you have learned from the workshop in a real-life situation.

Exercises to understand

The exercises for this workshop:

Comprenez-vous ce qu'est l'Institut du monde arabe ? Choisissez les bonnes réponses.

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