Get a taste of life in France through the eyes of Nadine, Nabil, Paul and Andréa: travel, dream, feel and share their emotions!


A young Quebecker shares the highlights of her arrival in France with you.


Come into Nabil's world of sound! He talks to you about his profession, his family, his friends and his favourite hang-outs in Paris.


Découvrez le monde de l’entreprise avec Paul, un jeune parisien qui a créé sa société avec ses amis.


Andréa pratique le sport à haut-niveau. Cette jeune championne vous invite dans son quotidien entre escrime et études.


A webdoc is an online interactive document. Each of our webdocs tells you about a person's life in 10 clips, enhanced by complementary media. Have a browse through info+ and media+ to find out more about the topics touched on in the clips and access the associated French workshops at just a click of your mouse.

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