> Instructions: recommended configuration

Instructions: recommended configuration

Equipment and connection

For optimal browsing of the website, we recommend the following equipment configuration:
  • screen: resolution greater than or equal to 1024 x 768
  • Broadband Internet connection
To use the recording tool, you will need headphones with a microphone or a microphone that can connect to your computer.

Browsers and extension modules

We recommend the following operating systems:
  • Windows Seven
  • Mac OS 10.x
We recommend the most recent version of the browsers:
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
and these versions for:

  • Firefox 20 or higher
  • Safari 5.1 or higher
By installing Flash Player (and the most recent versions) on your browser you'll be able to view the games and exercises. This is also necessary for using the audio recording tool.

By installing Adobe Acrobat Reader (and the most recent versions) you'll be able to view the printable versions of memos and challenges.

Tablets and mobiles

Only the webdocs and computer graphics of the Beginner's and Basic memos can be viewed on tablets and mobile phones that have 3G or WiFi connection.

The comprehension exercises and games only work on devices that accept the Flash module.

Test your level

It's easy to browse the educational contents on this website. Taking the test will help you to find French workshops, games and challenges at your level at a glance.

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