> Instructions: memos

Instructions: memos


Simple explanations and examples to understand French

Memos are part of the workshops. Their role is to shed practical light on a cultural or linguistic point in the workshop's video extract through examples and illustrations. Memos include self-learning exercises for training for the challenges.  

There are 4 types of memo: Culture, Grammar, Vocabulary and Phonetics. The memos can be consulted by type in the menu.

The beginner's memos are translated into the website's 6 languages (German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Mandarin).

Culture memos

Unravelling the rituals of the French

The workshops' video extracts contain a great many cultural aspects! By reading the Culture memos, you'll get a clearer idea of the inter-personal relations, stereotypes and social rituals of the French. They touch on society, arts, literature and professional life and immerse you in the worlds of fashion, sport, cinema, studies, French gastronomy, history and famous people.

Grammar memos

Understand and memorise the rules of grammar

Here's a snapshot of the Grammar memos, which are all presented in the same way.

  1. The heading indicates the key words of the memo's subject
  2. The main contents give a practical illustration of the memo's subject
  3. To sum up indicates the main points to remember
  4. The texts on the right-hand side "In practice" and "Have a go yourself" suggest practical cases for attempting yourself and training for the Challenges  

The contents in the beginner's and basic Grammar memos are animations which will help you to understand them.

Vocabulary memos

A group of words for remembering vocabulary

In the beginner's level, the Vocabulary memo presents animations to help you understand the lexical theme in question more clearly. 

Words for describing faces, landscapes, cooking, love, fashion, success, school, telephone conversations ... There are words for everything!

Here again, the right-hand texts "How to say it" and "Have a go yourself" encourage you to use the expressions in the memo. "Did you know?" puts the group of words presented in the memo in a context of common usage.

Phonetic memos

Videos for practising how to pronounce sounds in French

The French language has its own music and rhythm. The phonetic memos help you to distinguish between sounds and intonations in French.

These memos approach phonetics in an original way through two videos: one on articulation, showing you how to pronounce properly, and the other in the form of a sketch to have fun with sounds.

Each Phonetic memo suggests exercises to do on your own and encourages you to pronounce phrases out loud and record yourself.

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