> Instructions: challenges

Instructions: challenges


Challenges: exercises for practising your French online

Are you a seasoned Internet user, well-used to spending time online to find out about things, buy things or chat to your friends on social networks? If so, these challenges are right up your street!

A challenge is a sequence of exercises aimed at immersing you in a situation for practising your understanding and expression online. This situational exercise gives you the opportunity to check how capable you really are of putting what you have learned in the workshop to use in a mission to be carried out on French websites and social networks.

Each exercise comprises two types of information:

1. The information in grey indicates:

  • the type of exercise (here, Try out) and its title (simulate an online purchase);
  • the estimated time needed to do the exercise;
  • the web profile tells you the technical difficulty level of the exercise;
    • basic when the exercise is simple: browse and look for information, download files, fill in a form, publish in a blog or a social network, discuss online,
    • expert when the activity requires technically more complex operations: recording an audio or video presentation for example.
2. On the white background you'll find instructions as well as the websites and tools you'll need to do the exercise.

The exercises to do within a challenge

Challenges contain three exercises:

  1. Try out
  2. Publish
  3. Exchange

The beginner's level only contains the first two exercises.

Try out
In this type of exercise, you'll come across French websites and put your reading skills to work.

This exercise gets you writing short texts and helps you by suggesting sentence openers. 

This exercise gets you working your writing and speaking skills. You'll communicate with French speakers in French using free tools and existing networks.

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