> Instructions: find a French course

Instructions: find a French course

Do you want to learn French?

Then go for it ... take up the challenge!

There are lots of good reasons for learning French. Here are just a few:
  • get a degree and study in French;
  • find a job in a French-speaking company;
  • pick up other languages like Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or Romanian more easily;
  • feel at home in a French-speaking country;
  • express your open-mindedness and set yourself apart on your social networks;
  • assert your difference and develop your identity as an international citizen through linguistic diversity.
To help you progress in French, the network of Alliances françaises and Instituts français offer courses taught by qualified teachers all over the world. You can also learn French in France, in a Qualité français langue étrangère accredited school.

Using the map

Click on the arrows and the zoom in or out bar on the left of the interactive map

You can also use your mouse:
  • hold down the left-hand mouse button to move around the map;
  • use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in or out.
Click on the symbol of a particular school to view its contact details.

Test your level

It's easy to browse the educational contents on this website. Taking the test will help you to find French workshops, games and challenges at your level at a glance.