> Instructions: workshops

Instructions: workshops

What are the workshops?

Les niveaux d'ateliers

The French workshops contain the educational aspects of the website.

These workshops have been designed for you to learn or revise your French in a fun and interactive way, in connection with the webdocs of the Parlons français, c’est facile website.

Why not do the Level test first to find out which workshops are right for your level of French.

The workshops are split into four levels of difficulty:
  • the beginner's level is the easiest. It has been designed for anyone who is largely unfamiliar with the French language;
  • the basic level is for people who have some knowledge of French;
  • the medium level is for people who can deal with most situations of everyday life in French;
  • the advanced level is for people who are already fairly fluent in French.

How to use these workshops

Work through them methodically or dip in and out as you wish.

  1. The workshop's objective is given underneath the title
  2. It offers 5 types of activity:
  • consultation of the video extract from the webdoc;
  • comprehension exercises related to the video extract;
  • consultation of memos on the grammatical, lexical, cultural and phonetic points broached in the video extract;
  • games to test what you have learnt from the previous stages;
  • a challenge to encourage you to put what you have learnt from all of the workshop's activities into practice on the Internet.
You can do these 5 stages in the suggested order if you want to work your way gradually through the workshop, building on your knowledge as you go along. Or you can dip in and out of the activities as you wish if you'd rather just test yourself on the workshop's objective. For example: you can dive straight into the challenge or the games to check if you are already up-to-speed with the objective set. If you find yourself struggling with it, you can always consult the memos or go back to the beginning of the workshop.

Test your level

It's easy to browse the educational contents on this website. Taking the test will help you to find French workshops, games and challenges at your level at a glance.

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