> Instructions: webdocs

Instructions: webdocs

How to navigate the site

Select your desired subtitling language by clicking on  'CC' (top right of video)

What is a webdoc?

A webdoc is an online interactive document. Each of our webdocs tells you about a person's life in 10 clips, enhanced by complementary media. Have a browse through info+ and media+ to find out more about the topics touched on in the clips and access the associated French workshops at just a click of your mouse.

How to browse through a webdoc

  1. Go to the previous clip
  2. Go to the next clip 
  3. Browse in the webdoc
  4. Browse in the clip

Use the webdoc navigation bar

Browsing through the clip

  1. Play/pause
  2. Browse through the clip parts
  3. View the media+ and info+ by moving your mouse over them 
  4. View the French workshops associated with the clip by moving your mouse over them

media+ and info+

Even more multimedia content

media+ is a video or slideshow going over the clip's topic.
info+ is a text giving information about a place or a person mentioned in the clip.

When you click on media+ or info+, the document will open in a separate window over the clip, which will automatically pause at this point. When you close the media+ or info+, the clip will play again.

French workshops

Educational content for learning French

These workshops have been designed for you to learn or revise your French in a fun and interactive way, in connection with the webdocs.

The list of French workshops associated with the clip appears when you move your mouse over the Workshops symbol.

Click on a workshop to do the various educational activities available.

Why not do the Level test first to find out which workshops are right for your level of French.

Transcript of the webdoc

A text version to help you understand the webdoc

You can view the full transcript of the webdoc simply by clicking on See transcript, which will then open in a new tab on your browser.

Test your level

It's easy to browse the educational contents on this website. Taking the test will help you to find French workshops, games and challenges at your level at a glance.

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