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Cooking vocabulary - Vocabulary

In a small restaurant-deli, Andréa is learning how to make Vietnamese pancakes.

Crêpes vietnamiennes
This memo is part of the workshop
Crêpes vietnamiennes

The words to say it

Être un cordon bleu = be a really good cook
Casser du sucre sur le dos de quelqu'un
= criticise someone behind their back
Faire bouillir la marmite
= bring home the bacon
Mettre du beurre dans les épinards
=  improve your financial situation

Did you know?

Just like the French, the Quebeckers have three meals a day, but ...
In the morning, the French prennent leur petit-déjeuner, while the Quebeckers déjeunent.
At lunchtime the French déjeunent, the Quebeckers dînent.

And in the evening the French dînent, while the Quebeckers soupent.

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