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Going out in the evening - Vocabulary

In the evening, Andréa goes for a drink and a walk around Marseilles.

Restaurants and cinema in the lead

 "What shall we do this evening? How about a movie?"
Going to the cinema is the French people's favourite form of entertainment, but they also like to eat out and go for a drink in a bar with friends.
Nowadays, bars and cafés can have themes: a wine bar, a theatre-café or a concert-café, exhibition café, games-café, philosophy café, reading café, cybercafé and so on.
The French also like to go and see art exhibitions, historical sites and attend sports events (football or rugby match for example), or just head out for a stroll in the town, a park or along the quays.
When they go out in the evening, French people also go to concerts (10%), plays (20%), the ballet and opera (10%), and sometimes to nightclubs to dance and meet people.

A bit of autogestion

At the same time, French youth organise themselves around "free" movements. In France, as throughout Europe, abandoned places are squatted (occupied) and self-managed by groups who organise meetings, shows and free or pay-what-you-want concerts.
Marseille la nuit
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Marseille la nuit

How to say it

Se faire une toile = go to the cinema
Aller en boite = go to a nightclub
Se faire un resto (un restau) = go to a restaurant
Prendre un verre = go to a bar or café for a drink and chat

Did you know?

Local dances are coming back in...
While local dances or "bals-musettes"
where partner dances are played (musette, tango, java, waltz) are disappearing from the countryside, they have been coming back into fashion since 2005 in the north of France and Parisian region.

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