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Little words that can say a lot! - Vocabulary

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Allez hop !
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Allez hop !

How to say it

Interjections formed using the verb "aller" change meaning depending on the context:

- Viens avec nous, allez ! To insist.
- Allez-y ! ou vas-y ! To authorise an action.
- Ne pleure pas va !  To console.
- Pauvre idiot va ! To reinforce an insult.

Did you know?

The French symbol, the cockerel, says cocorico in French.
Of course animals always make the same noise, but each country writes this down in a different way.

Here are the noises of some animals in French:
- dog: ouaf ! ouaf !
- bird: cui cui !
- cat: miaou !
- cow: meuh ! 
- duck: coin coin !

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