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Name a country and his inhabitants - Vocabulary

In the webdoc, you hear: France, Spain, Europe, French, Spaniards, Europeans ... Here's how to match countries and inhabitants.

Tu viens d’où ?
This memo is part of the workshop
Tu viens d’où ?

Did you know?

In France, we have a game in which we play: "What are people living in ... called?" 
- Paris ?
- Parisien(ne)s.

- Lyon ?
- Lyonnais(e)s.
- Toulouse ?
- Toulousain(e)s
- Nice ?
- Niçois(e)s.
- Besançon ??
- Bisontin(e)s !!
- Château-Thierry ???
- Castelthéodoricien(ne)s !!!!!!

Have a go yourself

Introduce your friends.

Manuela est Angolaise. Haïfa est Saoudienne, Hussein, Palestinien...
Look for the country inhabitants that you know in this memo or in the dictionary.

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