Feelings - Vocabulary

Nabil and Karine felt a mixture of positive and negative emotions when they saw each other again at the airport

Positive feelings

La joie, la gaieté, le bonheur, l’enthousiasme, l’amour, la tranquillité, la sérénité, l’entrain, l’enchantement, l’optimisme…

Negative feelings

La tristesse, le pessimisme, l’anxiété, le stress, l’énervement, l’ennui, la méfiance, la souffrance, la peine, la nostalgie, la mélancolie…
Rendez-vous en France
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Rendez-vous en France

How to say it

The expression "être ou se sentir mi-figue, mi-raisin" is used when you don't know how you feel. You can also use the famous "comme-ci, comme ça". 

Have a go yourself

With the translator, find out what these feelings mean in your language:

l'amour, la haine, la tristesse, la mélancolie, la gaité, la joie

Did you know?

The feelings of love and hate are said to be opposites, but they are actually very similar. We can flit from one to the other in a flash. 

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