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Options galore! - Vocabulary

In the webdoc, Nabil asks the ticket-seller at Château de Versailles for a ticket. The ticket-seller offers two options.

An option is a way of coming up with and presenting a service. Options can be found everywhere: on restaurant menus, at the cinema, at the museum, in travel agencies and so on.
Découvrons Versailles !
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Découvrons Versailles !

How to say it

Here are a few common expressions to talk about options in French:
Quelle(s) formule(s) proposez-vous ? 
Quelles sont les différentes formules ?
Quelles formules me conseillez-vous ?
Quels sont les avantages de cette formule ? 

Have a go yourself

Ask a museum ticket-seller about the various options available!

Plug a microphone into your computer and click on the recording tool on the right.

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