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Music! Music! - Vocabulary

Nabil is a big music fan! He is also a professional musician.

Souvenir, souvenir
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Souvenir, souvenir

How to say it

Here are a few expressions containing the word "musique":

- C'est une autre musique = that's another matter 
- Connaître la musique = know what you're talking about 
- Le ton fait la musique = give something meaning through the way you express it
- Aller plus vite que la musique = go too fast

Did you know?

The name of the British group "The Stone Roses" is in the Guinness Book of Records. In 2011, for one of the group's concerts at Heaton Park, some 220,000 tickets were sold in 68 minutes! A record that still hasn't been beaten!  

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