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Talking about the airport - Vocabulary

Bienvenue à bord !
This memo is part of the workshop
Bienvenue à bord !

The words to say it

Le vol n°5476 d’Air France est-il bien arrivé ?
À quelle heure part le prochain vol pour New York ?
Excusez-moi, mon avion part dans 10 minutes !
Où se trouve la station de taxis, s’il vous plaît ?
Je cherche la porte n°22.

Did you know?

The word aviation  was invented in 1863 by the Frenchman Gabriel de la Landelle, from the Latin words avis (bird) and actio (action). It replaced the expression "heavier than air".
Clément Ader would call his invention an avion (the French word for aeroplane) in 1875, but the term closer to the English word, aéroplane, was used first.
After World War I, avion became the more common term.

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