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The art professions - Vocabulary

« Paris, c'est la ville des artistes, la ville des peintres, la ville des écrivains, la ville des musiciens ».

In the webdoc, Christophe Girard talks about how he sees Paris: a city where all sorts of artists working in different professions rub shoulders.
Direction la capitale !
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Direction la capitale !

The words to say it

The word artiste is used to describe anyone working in the arts field.

Did you know?

In the late 1990s, feminine versions for nouns depicting professions were created in France. But in practice people still seem to prefer to use the masculine versions.

e.g.: une écrivaine, une auteure, une compositrice

Feminine versions of such nouns have been around a lot longer in Quebec and have found their way into common usage much more easily.

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