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Food amounts - Vocabulary

At her table in Café de Flore, Nadine tells the waiter what she wants to eat and drink and says how much.

Prendrez-vous du fromage ?
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Prendrez-vous du fromage ?

The words to say it

To measure ingredients in France, you can use une cuillère à soupe (soupspoon: 15ml) or une cuillère à café (coffeespoon: 5ml).
In Canada, they prefer to use a cuillère à thé (teaspoon) or cuillère à table (tablespoon)!

Did you know?

In France, the standard capacity of a bouteille (bottle) of wine is 75 cl. You can also order a demi-bouteille (half-bottle, 37.5 cl) or a quart (quarter-litre carafe) of wine (around 20 cl).