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Enjoy your meal! - Vocabulary

    A traditional French meal comprises a starter, main course, cheese course and dessert.

    Restos à la carte
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    Restos à la carte

    The words to say it

    Il est fermé comme une huître 
    = he's an introvert, he's shy, he doesn't talk much.

    On va pas en faire un fromage !
    = let's not make a big deal out of this, it doesn't matter.

    Il est tarte !
    = he's stupid.

    C'est un papa gâteau
    = he spoils his children, he's too doting.

    Ce n'est pas ma tasse de thé
    = it's not my cup of tea, I'm not really into that.

    He said...

    How can you govern a country that has 300 types of cheese?

    Charles de Gaulle, former President of the French Republic.

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