Tonic accent - Phonetics

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In the kitchen, Andréa is talking to a chef who clearly stresses the tonic accents in French.

  • Avec plaisIr
  • Les crêpes de rIz
  • On mélANge !
  • On fErme…

All of these phrases have a tonic accent placed in the same spot in the group of words or phrase.


The tonic accent in French is always placed on the last vowel at the end of a group of words. Often, this vowel is even slightly lengthened.

e.g.:    Une crêpe de rIz
Crêpes vietnamiennes
This memo is part of the workshop
Crêpes vietnamiennes

Record yourself

Plug a microphone into your computer and click on the recording tool on the right.

Avec plaisir !
Une crêpe de riz
On mélange
Une crêpe de farine de blé

Say it out loud

Pour faire des crêpes, tu prends une poêle, tu verses la pâte, tu laisses chauffer et puis voilà, la crêpe est prête !

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