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Distinguishing between R/L - Phonetics

Recognise and differentiate L and R

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The sound [l] in: long, seul, loin…

The sound [r] in: rêve, amour, artifices…


In French, the sound [l] is always pronounced the same, but the sound [r] varies slightly:

  • in East France, [r] is "harder"; it is pronounced in your throat;
  • in some regions, you hear the [r] pronounced as in the regional dialects, when it is more similar to [l]. In this case, it is pronounced by rolling your tongue on your palate. The [r] is "rolled" in some French-speaking African countries too.
The letter "R" is perhaps the letter that is pronounced most differently from language to language. It is easy to distinguish between a French "R", an English one and a Spanish one.
Marseille la nuit
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Marseille la nuit

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the sound [l]:

the sound [r]:

The [l] and [r]:
archipels, perpétuelles

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Rêve d’archipels, de vagues perpétuelles et de cylindres si longs

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