Labiality - Phonetics

Pronounce and recognise labial vowels and consonants

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In the webdoc, you can hear:

Sous, pont, pour, Suresnes, gueux, heureux, bateau...

The sounds [p], [b], [u], [y], [o], [ø], [õ] are pronounced with your lips in a forward position. This is what is known as labiality.


The French language contains lots of labial vowels and consonants. To pronounce these, you have to put your lips forward like you do to blow or kiss.

Is this perhaps why French is said to be a romantic language
L’amour, toujours l’amour
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L’amour, toujours l’amour

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  • amour
  • toujours
  • sous
  • Suresnes
  • gueux
  • heureux

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Au bord du Doubs / Pour aller à Suresnes / Sous les ponts de Paris

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