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In the webdoc, you can hear:

  • Sept - t - ou huit – t - ans
  • Dans ces – z - eaux là
In these phrases there is a liaison: the consonant at the end of the first word is pronounced to produce a syllable with the vowel that follows.


Liaisons make pronunciation easier whilst maintaining the vowel/consonant changeover during it.

Some liaisons are compulsory. For example, in nominal groups,
Un – n - ami
Les – z - animaux

Other liaisons are optional. For example, in the webdoc:

C'est # un pilier
C'est # assez fou

Pronouncing every single liaison makes a language sound chic, but beware, some must be avoided, for example between the noun and adjective that follows, or between the subject and verb:

Cet étudiant # intelligent # écrit des chansons.
Que fais-tu ?
This memo is part of the workshop
Que fais-tu ?

Record yourself

Plug a microphone into your computer and click on the recording tool on the right.
  • sept_ans
  • dans ces_eaux là
  • les_animaux
  • un_enfant

Say it out loud

Quand on a un an, on est un enfant !

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