> The sounds [p] and [b]

The sounds [p] and [b] - Phonetics

Differentiate and recognise the sounds [p] and [b]

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In the webdoc, you can hear the sound:

  • [p] in: prénom, professionnel, production
  • [b] in: Nabil, noble, arabe


The sound [p] is written p but can also be written pp within a word.

  • Pierre, professionnel, après
  • S’appeler, grippe, apprendre
The sound [b] is always written b, except in words in the family abbaye.

  • Abbé, abbesse, abbatiale            
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Photo de famille

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The sound [p]


preneur de son

The sound [b]

El Abid



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Je m'appelle Nabil. J'habite une maison en pierre. C'est une bière précieuse.

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