> The sounds [ɔ̃], [ɑ̃] and [ɛ̃]

The sounds [ɔ̃], [ɑ̃] and [ɛ̃] - Phonetics

Recognise and differentiate the sounds [ɔ̃], [ɑ̃] and [ɛ̃]

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In the webdoc, you can hear the sound:

  • [ɔ̃] in: nom, prénom, profession
  • [ɑ̃] in: France, cent
  • [ɛ̃] in: vingt


Nasals are compositions of letters that are pronounced in a particular way.
For example:
- the sound [ɔ̃] is written O + N  
- the sound [ɑ̃] is written A + N
                     or E + N
- the sound [ɛ̃] is written I + N

The letter N always becomes M when it is followed by an M, a B or a P.

"IMM" is not pronounced [ɛ̃]. Each letter is read.
For example: immobile = / I – MO – BIL / (≠ mobile)
Qui suis-je ?
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Qui suis-je ?

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The sound [ɔ̃]
nom, prénom, profession

The sound [ɑ̃]
France, cent

The sound [ɛ̃]

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