The imperative - Grammar

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In the webdoc, Andréa gives instructions to the two fencers. To do so, she uses the imperative.

To sum up

- With the imperative, you can give an instruction, order or advice.
- The imperative is easy as there are only 3 forms (for tu, nous and vous).
- To conjugate, use the same endings as for the present indicative.
- Just remember that there is no -s in the 2nd person singular form of -er verbs.
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In use

D’abord, prends la poêle dans ta main gauche et verse une cuillère de pâte.
Ensuite mets la poêle sur le feu et attends quelques secondes. Finalement, dépose la crêpe dans une assiette et recommence encore une fois pour faire une autre crêpe.

Have a go yourself

"Quand j'étais à l'école..."

Now you have a go at giving advice to your friend and record yourself. S/he would like:
- être moins fatigué(e) (to feel less tired);
- perdre quelques kilos (to lose some weight);
- faire des progrès en français (to improve in French);
- trouver un(e) petit(e) ami(e) (to find a boy/girlfriend). 

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