> Talk about a means of transport

Talk about a means of transport - Grammar

Quand on partait de bon matin
Quand on partait sur les chemins
À bicyclette...

In the webdoc, Nabil is cycling around Paris.

To sum up

We use
- en when talking about a closed means of transport. We go inside.
Il va à Paris en train.
- à when talking about an open means of transport. We climb on top.
Je circule toujours à vélo.
In conversation, French people are tending more and more to use en instead of à.
La ville à vélo
This memo is part of the workshop
La ville à vélo

In use

À Paris, je circule toujours en métro ou à vélo.

Have a go yourself

What means of transport do you take?

Plug in your microphone and click on the record button.

Ex : Je vais au travail à vélo.
Je pars en vacances…
Je voyage...
Je me promène...

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