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Let's go to the market! - Culture

Do you like sampling things?

Let's go to the market!!

In the webdoc, people are trying the farmers' produce outside the residential buildings. These products are usually sold at the market.

A popular tradition

Market days in France are often on Saturday or Sunday mornings (sometimes on week days too, or in the afternoon). The French enjoy going to the market, especially around 10 or 11 a.m.!
Producers sell directly. That's why the products are fresh (= recent). Sometimes they can be a bit expensive, but often of high quality.

Food products

Markets traditionally sell local or home-made/home-grown foods:
- bread,
- wine, 
- fish,
- honey,
- meat,
- vegetables, 
- eggs...
To tempt buyers, producers sometimes give them the chance to sample produce beforehand. Do you like savoury things? Why not try some cheese, pâté or saucisson!
Do you have a sweet tooth? Then treat yourself to some chocolate, jam or biscuits.

What type of market do you prefer?

- Traditional markets, for buying food or clothes.
- Flower markets.
- book markets.
- indoor markets: ideal when it's cold or raining outside! Unlike the other markets, these always stay in the same place.
- Flea markets, for antiques, second-hand objects and clothes.
- Organic markets: for organic, more natural products. These are very popular at the moment!
Goûtez-moi ça !
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Goûtez-moi ça !

Did you know?

At Montmartre and Montparnasse - two artistic districts in Paris -, there used to be markets for sitters. Édouard Manet and later, Paul Gauguin, Modigliani or Picasso, used to go to find subjects for their paintings. But they ended in 1914!

And elsewhere?

Markets are a street feature of all cultures. In Arabic, the word for market is: souk. And in Persian: bazar.
Both of these words are used in French, but as slang to mean: a mess, agitation or cheap goods.
Un souk (= marché arabe) en Égypte

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