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The French and restaurants - Culture

The French like to go to restaurants for French or exotic meals.

Andréa is having lunch with a friend at an Asian deli.

For lunch

During the week, the French are going to restaurants less and less often at lunchtime. They prefer to pop into fast-food outlets, bakeries, sandwich shops or delis.

For dinner

The French go out for dinner at restaurants once a month on average. This is an enjoyable occasion: the enjoyment of trying new dishes, being served and being in good company (a romantic tête-à-tête, with friends or as a family).
The French spend between 15 and 30 euros per person.

What do they eat?

France is famous for its good food and award-winning restaurants. The French often choose to eat in gastronomic restaurants (where they most often enjoy traditional dishes) or go to pizzerias (the French eat a lot of pizza!).

Exotic cuisine

The French also like exotic cuisine. Chinese restaurants  are the most popular for a third (1/3) of them. Next in line are Italian, Indian, Japanese and Moroccan restaurants.
Good quality cooking, a good atmosphere and a friendly waiter are important criteria. Lots of French people choose their restaurant by getting advice from friends or consulting guides.
Crêpes vietnamiennes
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Crêpes vietnamiennes

And elsewhere?

In Belgium, Switzerland and France, service is included in the bill (l'addition).
But when the service is especially good, it is common to leave a small tip (pourboire).

Did you know?

The Michelin Guide (Guide rouge) is one of the world's oldest good food guides. It awards stars to restaurant chefs according to 5 criteria: the quality of ingredients, skill in their preparation and the combination of flavours, level of creativity, value for money and consistency over time and the whole menu.
*** exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey.
** excellent cooking that is worth a detour.
* a very good restaurant in its category.

He said

Behind a great restaurant is rigour, passion, love for a job well done, discipline and the passing on of knowledge.

Alain Ducasse, (Chef)

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