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Beauty criteria evolve over time and makeup keeps up with these changes.

France is the fourth highest consuming country of cosmetics like perfume, health, care and makeup products. The French often go to hairdressers and beauty institutes.  

France is the leading exporter of cosmetics

In France, around 200 euros of perfume, health and beauty products are bought per year, per person. This represents the fourth highest consumption in the world after the USA, Brazil and Japan.


Face and body care and beauty products include:
- perfumes: fragrances and eau de toilette...
- bath and shower products: soap, shower gel, deodorant, toothpaste...
- hair products: shampoo, gloss, gel, styling mousse, dyes...
- cosmetics: makeup, creams, baby products, sun protection and so on.

Places and professions

In a hair salon, the hairdressers can:
- wash (= shampoo) and apply care products to hair
- cut, dye and style hair.
Beauticians work in beauty salons or institutes. They offer care packages for the face, body, hands (manicure), feet (pedicure), epilation, massages or makeup.
Spas focus on water and its benefits. There are also medical and plastic surgery clinics.
Belle un jour, belle toujours !
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Belle un jour, belle toujours !

What about elsewhere?

A hammam (Turkish bath) is a steam bath. It originates from Roman spas. Widespread in North Africa, it is gaining popularity in Europe.

Did you know?

In the King's court, women used to wear small circles of black material on their faces to imitate beauty spots = les mouches. These meant different things depending on where they were located (for example, discreet, married, passionate, etc.).

Someone once said

It is an artificial, cosmetic world, a world of appearances and utter trivialities.

Serge Toubiana about the film Vénus beauté (institut)

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