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The French school system - Culture

From primary school right through to higher education, here is the French system.

See what similarities and differences there are with your country's education system.

Paul was a pupil at Parmentier School, then a sixth-former, and now he is studying at the graduate school Sciences Po: that is his education pathway so far.

Retour à l'école
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Retour à l'école

Did you know?

School is compulsory upto the age of 16.

In 2011, 570,000 students who took the baccalaureate (A levels), out of 660,000, passed. 50 out of 100 baccalaureate students took the genéral stream, 23 the technology stream and 27 a vocational stream.

Nowadays, 70% of young people pass the baccalaureate, but 17% leave school with no qualifications.

60% of students don't pass the first year of their Bachelor degree and 25% drop out in their first year.

And elsewhere?

In many countries, you either have to take a difficult entrance examination to get into university, or universities are fee-paying.

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