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The Paris ring road - Culture

The Paris ring road is very well-known. When someone says "le périph'", you know they're talking about the Paris ring road.

In the webdoc, Karine takes the ring road to go and pick Nabil up from the airport.

Why "le périph'"?

Built between 1966 and 1973, the Paris ring road - referred more formally to as "le boulevard périphérique" - runs all the way around Paris. It's precisely because it encircles Paris that it's called the "ring road".

Pros and cons

Le périph’, as the Parisians call it, is a very busy road. It is very difficult to drive along at rush hour because le trafic is very heavy at the times people are heading to and from work. Des embouteillages importants (traffic jams) slow the traffic down considerably and it sometimes takes several hours to go several miles.
Pollution, noise and road traffic accidents are the downsides of this traffic.
The speed limit is 80 km/h as a result. 

Its main advantage: go anywhere in Paris without having to cross the city.
Rendez-vous en France
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Rendez-vous en France

Did you know?

The longest ring road in France is in Bordeaux, at 45 km long.
The second is in Nantes at 43 km.

The Paris "boulevard périphérique" might be the most famous but it's not the longest!

What about elsewhere?

Madrid has 4 ring roads running around the city - several dozen miles of which are underground!
The best-known and longest is the M40.

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