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Is it possible to talk about Versailles without talking about the people who once lived there?

Marie-Antoinette is a very famous figure who played an important role at Versailles.

Her life

She was born in 1755 and died in 1793.
She begins life as an Austrian princess. She marries the King of France Louis XVI on 16th May 1770, thereby becoming the Queen of France.

She spends a lot of time at Château de Versailles. Indeed, this is the most famous residence for the kings of France at the time.

Queen of France?

She finds it quite hard to adopt the habits that a queen should display, and isn't very good at behaving like one. Even today, she is still considered to be a queen unlike the others.

Her leisure activities

At Versailles, she devotes a lot of time to leisure activities: she organises plays and grand balls at regular intervals and she also loves card games and billiards. She is interested in art and plays music - the harp.

Fashion is a hobby of hers too, and she spends a lot of time choosing her dresses and asks lots of advice from those around her: she has a seamstress, a milliner and a hairstylist.

For these reasons, Marie-Antoinette continues to be looked upon as an "original" queen.

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Did you know?

A film on the life of Marie-Antoinette came out in 2006. Directed by Sofia Coppola, this is a good way to find out more about this person. 

What about elsewhere?

After it was built, Château de Versailles became a model for construction. Some copies can even be found elsewhere in France and abroad.

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