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The French Highway Code stipulates all the traffic laws in France.

Learn about road signs in France and driving rules.
Driving on the right:
In France, we drive on the right - just like the rest of continental Europe. It is said that Napoléon Bonaparte, unlike the English, instituted and popularised this practice.
The roads and speed:
On the motorway, the speed limit is 130 km/h. On main roads and B (county) roads, it is 90 km/h.
Drivers must not exceed 50 km/h in built-up areas.
Road signs:
Triangle-shaped signs announce a danger.
Round signs with red circles indicate a prohibition. Round signs with blue circles indicate an obligation.
Direction signs come in a variety of shapes and their colour changes depending on the road type (blue: motorways, green or white: main or B roads).
La ville à vélo
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La ville à vélo

Did you know?

To get a driving licence in France you must take a theory test (the highway code) and then a practical driving test.  With 1.3 million applicants every year, the driving licence is the most popular exam in France. The pass rate is 55%.
Holders of foreign licences may drive in France if their licence is recognised.

And elsewhere?

It is estimated that two-thirds of the world's population drive on the right. Most of the countries which drive on the left are former British colonies.

He said

« Il y a parfois des choses difficiles à croire : le type qui a inventé le code de la route n’avait même pas le permis. »

The comedian Philippe Geluck

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