> Should you say "tu" or "vous"?

Should you say "tu" or "vous"? - Culture

Tu ou vous ?

French people say "tu" or "vous"depending on who they are talking to and the circumstances.
When do you say which?
As a general rule, we say tu
  • to family members
  • to friends.
We say vous to everyone else.

    With your family:
    tu me prêtes 20 euros, s'il te plaît ?
    Bon ! Je
    te donne 20 euros. Voilà !
    Merci, papa ! Tu es le plus gentil de tous les papas.

    With your friends:
    Salut ! Comment vas-tu ?
    Très bien, et
    toi ?
    We say vous to someone we don't know or someone we do but to whom we want to show respect or a formal relationship.
    Dominique, vous avez cinq minutes, s'il vous plait ?
    Oui, Monsieur le Directeur, si vous voulez.

    When Nadine meets people at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris or Sigmund Freud library, she addresses them using vous.

    Bonjour !
    This memo is part of the workshop
    Bonjour !

    Did you know?

    Tutoyer ou vouvoyer : rencontre entre deux personnes
    If the relationship between people changes, they can suggest switching to using "tu":
    - Claude, on se connait bien maintenant, est-ce qu'on peut se tutoyer ?

    - Bien sûr, Nadine. C'est avec plaisir !

    What else?

    In French, we use vous to address:
    • one person we address using "vous"
    • a group of people whom we individually address using "tu"
    • or a group of people whom we individually address using "vous".
    Do you do the same in your country?

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