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Homes in France - Culture

There are several different types of homes in France. French people all prefer different things and sometimes they even have more than one home.

Main residence

This is where French people live on a daily basis.
There are several types: 

  • a townhouse sometimes with a garden;
  • a flat in a block of flats;
  • a detached house in a residential neighbourhood.

Weekends and holidays

Some wealthy French people like to have a second home where they go at the weekend, on holiday or just to relax.

  • Country house: often used to take a break from city life and enjoy some fresh air.
  • Holiday home: this is a second home located in a place popular with tourists, sometimes abroad.
  • Mobile home: This is a small home that you can travel with and is usually used for holidaying.

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And elsewhere?

Russian dachas are second homes, often very basic.
These country houses give people the chance to leave their small flats in the city and get some fresh air and sometimes cultivate a plot of land.

Did you know?

The latest trend in tourism is to swap your home with someone who lives in a place you want to visit.

What a good idea for having an affordable holiday home!

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