> Let me introduce myself!

Let me introduce myself!

Would you like to meet new people? Introduce yourself and describe what you enjoy doing on a French-speaking social network.

Experiment: find a social network in a French town

Estimated time : 10 minutes

Web profile : basic

New contacts

1) Log on to the website On va sortir.

2) Pick the French town you're interested in.

3) Pick an outing that takes your fancy today.

Publish: introduce yourself by creating your "member" profile

Estimated time : 20 minutes

Web profile : basic

Who are you?

1) Click on Je m’inscris and fill in the form.

2) Fill in your centres d’intérêt.

3) In the section Allez, un petit mot sur toi ? Tes envies, tes passions, ta vie..., describe an activity you enjoy.

- J’aime jouer au foot.
- Je joue du piano tous les jours.
- Je fais du basket depuis 5 ans.

Mode d'emploi

A challenge is a sequence of exercises aimed at immersing you in a situation for practising your understanding and expression online. This situational exercise gives you the opportunity to check how capable you really are of putting what you have learned in the workshop to use in a mission to be carried out on French websites and social networks.

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