> 10 words you can't live without!

10 words you can't live without!

Your mission: in this challenge, your mission will be to say and translate into French the 10 words you can't live without in your language!

Experiment: before going on the holiday of your dreams, learn a few useful words or expressions!

Estimated time : 10 minutes

Web profile : basic

Go travelling!

1) Log on to the travel guide website Lonely Planet and pick a destination (you can choose your country or a destination that catches your eye).

2) In the contents of the country description, click on Culture et histoire. In the culture section, you'll find information about the country's language.

3) Learn a few basic words translated into French, particularly useful words for greeting or making phone calls. 

Publish: list and translate 10 essential words in your country

Estimated time : 20 minutes

Web profile : basic

Your 10 words!

1) Now go to the forum on this website and register.

2) Post a subject like 10 mots pour survivre chez moi. Opt for useful words for greeting people and making phone calls above all.

3) Give the word in your language (possibly with its pronunciation) and its translation into French. For example, in Turkish:

- Merhaba = bonjour
- Tamam = d'accord !
- Lütfen = s'il te plaît ou s'il vous plaît

Mode d'emploi

Le défi est un enchaînement d’activités qui a pour but de vous mettre en situation de pratiquer la compréhension et l’expression sur Internet. Cette mise en situation vous permet de vérifier si vous êtes capable de mobiliser les connaissances acquises dans l’atelier pour les mettre au service d’une mission à réaliser sur des sites internet francophones et dans les réseaux sociaux.

Test your level

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3 workshops for tackling this challenge

Bonjour !

Bonjour !

Allô Papa !

Allô Papa !

Allez hop !

Allez hop !


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