> I'm the chef!

I'm the chef!

Do you enjoy cooking? Organise a cooking competition online and win the title of best chef!

Experiment: choose the ingredients for making a dish

Estimated time : 10 minutes

Web profile : basic

Let's go shopping!

1) Log on to ooshop.com and look at the different products in the section Le marché
2) Pick out the ones you like and the ones you don't.  

3) Think up a dish that you could make using the products you like.

4) Note down the ingredients you've chosen.

5) Note down the recipe.  

Publish: share your recipe with your French-speaking friends

Estimated time : 20 minutes

Web profile : basic

Here's what I made!

On a social network or a blog page, post the photo of your dish. Describe it and say why you like it. Give the recipe:
1) Say why you chose those ingredients.
- J’aime beaucoup - le chocolat/- le riz/ - les tomates/..., c’est pour ça que je fais souvent cette recette.
2) Explain the recipe.
- Je prends 250 grammes de farine.
- Je mélange avec 100 grammes de sucre.
- J’ajoute des tomates.

Ask your friends to do the same thing. Organise a vote for the best dish!

Mode d'emploi

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